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Park Shinhye Reveals Her Honest Thoughts on Love Life and Marriage



Actress Park Shinhye opened up about her love life. 

On October 26th, the actress sat down for an interview with media outlet Ilgan Sports. During the interview, Park Shinhye revealed, "I think I don't know much about the bitter feeling when saying parting." She added, "I am scared about that. I would like to get married but it seems a little but scary. I am wondering whether or not I can live well with a person beside me forever."

The actress also revealed that she has no plan to get married in near future. She said, "I pushed back my marriage."

Image Source: Ilgan Sports

Meanwhile, the actress is currently busy promoting her film ', which is scheduled to hit cinemas on November 2nd. 

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Source: [Youtube] 미디어로그영화 


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