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Photos of Park Bogum Crying at Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo`s Wedding



Park Bogum shed tears on Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo's wedding ceremony. 

Recently, photos of the actor crying at the guest seat have been hot discussion. As reported previously, Park Bogum is one of the guests invited to the ceremony; and it is not a secret that the two actors are close in real life. 


Image Source: Insight

Sitting next to Cha Taehyun, Park Bogum focused on the ceremony. Seeing the couple's happy moment, it seems like Park Bogum got emotional that he could not hold back his tears. On the other hand, Song Joongki once also cried while Park Bogum giving his winning speech at KBS' Drama Awards.

Image Source: 중앙일보

It is sure that Park Bogum and Song Joongki have close relationship, don't you think so?

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Source: [Youtube] StarSeoulTV

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