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Pictures of Red Velvet`s Joy is All It Takes to Prove What a Beauty She is



Joy was stunning in her red dress that night.

Red Velvet's Joy was sitting at the artist waiting area at the '2017 MAMA' along with her members and her fan sites definitely did not let this opportunity go, as they snap away with their cameras. On this day, the girls were in sequin-filled attire, with Joy in a simple single strap red dress. The red on her made her skin looked fairer and her wavy long black hair just made it better.

Check out the two images of Joy, just casually sitting but looked extremely stunning, which went viral, having over 18,000 retweets right below! 

Image Source: Twitter 'WNCJOY'

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Source: [Youtube] 張 大漢SNSD十周年

Thumbnail credit: WNCJOY

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