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Police Released Black Box Footage of Late Kim Joohyuk`s Car, Showing Detailed Things of the Fatal Accident



The black box footage from Kim Joohyuk's car accident has been revealed. 

The footage shows the moments of the fatal accident which cause death of the actor. Kim Joohyuk's car suddenly stopped in the middle of street before it accelerated onto the sidewalk and careens down the stairs in front of a building. According to the autopsy results, the cause of death according to the autopsy was determined to be a trauma caused by a skull fracture.

Image Source: Youtube '연합뉴스 Yonhapnews' Screenshot

As previously reported, Actor Kim Joohyuk passed away on October 30th after an unfortunate car accident. His funeral was held on November 2nd.

You can watch the black box footage above to know more.

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Source: [Youtube] 연합뉴스 Yonhapnews 

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