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Rain Hilariously Got His Chance to Promote His Album Before the [Weekly Idol] MCs Could Stop Him



Rain went over them. 

Rain is back with his latest album and made a guest appearance on 'Weekly Idol.' He first introduced himself at the start of the show and didn't just stop there, which surprised the MCs. He immediately went into his album promotion which is suppose to be done at the later part of the show, sometimes through some sneaky games and rules laid out by the MCs. 

The MCs tried to stop him but only got pushed away to the side. 

Image Source: Youtube '혁헴TV' Screenshot

MC Jung Hyungdon promised that, "I will give you time later! I am saying I will give you time later!" to be rejected by the singer saying, "Really? But just in case! I will do it once and go over with it."

He isn't the amateur for nothing. Check out the hilarious moment in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] 혁헴TV

Thumbnail credit: MBC 에브리원해

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