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Red Velvet `s Seulgi Chose an Unexpected Part in Their [Peek-a-Boo] Choreography as the Hardest for Her



Seulgi expressed that it is still hard for her till now. 

Seulgi shared that the part where they go, 'Peek-a-boo' with their thumb and forefinger joined and positioned at their eyes was the hardest part for her. It could be quite an unexpected answer as that particular choreography only requires them to stand still while doing the hand turning gesture.

She said, "This (the remaining 3 fingers) needs to be stick well. It can't go like this (in a form of showing the number three)."

Image Source:  Youtube 'Reveluv Fiona' Screenshot

She emphasized, "I practiced a lot with it(the remaining fingers) sticked together." 

Image Source:  Youtube 'Reveluv Fiona' Screenshot

The point choreography isn't as easy as it seems. Check out their behind the scene at 'Show Champion' in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] Reveluv Fiona

Thumbnail credit: 94irreplaceable, sensible_k

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