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Red Velvet Danced to [Red Flavor] 2 Times the Speed on an Official Stage, Intentional or Audio Malfunction?



Red Velvet danced to 'Red Flavor,' 2 times the speed at a joint concert?

Along with many other artists, the girls dazzled the night with their well-loved stage. However, something was different that night from any other stages that we have ever seen before. 

The girls got ready at their 'Red Flavor' position when the song was suddenly turned on at 2 times its speed. The members looked surprised but got into the song immediately. Was it a severe audio malfunction that occurred? 

Image Source: Youtube 'Mera' Screenshot

After the members stopped, Seulgi explained that, "It was supposed to start from the chorus but the song came on right from the start." 

So, the 2x speed increase was intentional but at chorus instead of the start. Still, the girls slayed that stage. Watch the moment in the video above!

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Source: [Youtube] Mera

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