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Red Velvet`s Wendy`s Lie Detector Results Saddened Seulgi But Delighted Joy



Seulgi faced sadness while Joy was over the moon.

The girls appeared on 'K-rush' with Wendy as the main MC during their interview. The lie detector was brought out and Wendy was the one to be questioned. First question asked by Joy was, "There are times when I felt irritated to be sharing room with Seulgi." 

Wendy answered, "Yes" which came out to be true on the lie detector. 

Image Source: Youtube 'KBS World TV' Screenshot 

Next was a question by Seulgi asking, "You are always bringing yourself out as a fan of Joy. Do you like Joy the most among us?" and received a firm, "Yes, I am a fan of Joy." 

This came out to be another 'truth' on the lie detector and Joy immediately called out, "Eonnie!" with a big heart over her head. 

Image Source: Youtube 'KBS World TV' Screenshot 

Watch the moment starting from the 7:22 mark in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] KBS World TV

Thumbnail Credit: engm_kr

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