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Red Velvet`s Yeri Revealed How the Roles in Their Cover of the [Shark Song] was Decided



The members didn't get a say in it.

The girls appeared on 'Weekly Idol,' and the 'Shark song' that caught all of their fans' hearts at their recent concert was being mentioned. They were asked to do it once again on the show which they gladly did it with much enjoyment.

With Irene being the baby shark, Seulgi, the mommy shark, Wendy the daddy shark, Yeri and Joy as the grandfather and grandmother shark, the host questioned, "Why is the maknae line...(have the older roles)?" 

Yeri revealed the truth by saying, "Eonnie(gesturing to Irene) decided it." 

Image Source: Youtube 'pas studio' Screenshot

Guess the leader says it all. Watch the moment at the 0:38 mark in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] pas studio

Thumbnail credit: Be A Better You, 자꾸생각나

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