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SEVENTEEN Choses the Fashion Terrorist in Their Group, Leaving the Chosen Speechless



SEVENTEEN picks their worst dresser in the group.

On their recent radio appearance, the boys did a speed quiz and started off with the first question for DK that went, "The fashion terrorist in SEVENTEEN is?" Due to the time strain, DK had no time to think and looking around quickly before shouting, "Dino!"

Image Source: Youtube '순꾸' Screenshot 

All the other members except for Dino were laughing, happy that they weren't chosen. Dino who got picked but couldn't defend himself, expressed his shock with a eye roll at the back. 

Image Source: Youtube '순꾸' Screenshot 

Who do you guys think is the fashion terrorist in the group? Watch the moment in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] 순꾸

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