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SEVENTEEN Makes You [Clap] with Their New Music Video



SEVENTEEN is back with 'Clap' full MV!

'Clap' is the title track of their 2nd album 'TEEN.AGE.' The album consists a total of 13 tracks, including 'New World,' 'Change up,' 'Clap,' '13th Month's Dance,' 'Trauma,' and more. Fans have listened from the spoilers and teasers, 'Clap' is an upbeat dance track, which will make you out from your seat! 'Clap' is composed by Woozi, Bumzu, and Park Kitae; written by Woozi, Bumzu, Jeonghan, Hoshi, Mingyu, DK, Seungkwan; and arranged by Bumzu as well as Park Kitae. 

Check out the MV above!

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Source: [Youtube] SEVENTEEN

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