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SEVENTEEN`s Bread Eating Challenge Made the Impossible, Possible



The loser will get a butt hit and the members pushed it to their limits to avoid it. 

On a Show Champion Behind episode with SEVENTEEN, the members decided to put themselves to a challenge. They were to share a piece of bread and the one who eats the very last piece of it gets a punishment that comes in a form of butt hit.

The members each took a bite of the bread and was able to make this challenge extremely intense by trying their best to leave the bread to the next member, even when its already in dust size. 

Image Source: Youtube '17VN' Screenshot

Poor Dino who sadly lost the challenge, got a hit on the face with Vernon's butt. 

Image Source: Youtube '17VN' Screenshot

Watch the challenge in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] 17VN

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