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SEVENTEEN`s Dino Shared How It Feels Like to Have 12 Hyungs with a Big Twist



Dino gave 2 different set of answers that totally caught his members by surprise.

The maknae of the 13 members boy group, Dino was being asked, "How does it feel like to have 12 hyungs?" He answered, "Firstly, I felt reassured. It isn't just one or two of them but 12. When the 12 of us are together, I am able to rely on them no matter how tired I felt." 

This warm atmosphere was broken when Dino responded to the next question that asked, "What would be the most 'Bang-chan'ish(Broadcast + Lee Chan(Dino's real name)) thing you did?(Things Dino did for the sake of broadcast)"

With no hesitation at all, Dino went, "The answer before this" and received great applause from his members that couldn't believe their maknae's answer. 

Image Source: Youtube 'BeryVery' Screenshot

Dino expressed the loneliness he felt even with his 12 members as he was the only member that was born in the year 1999. His hyungs hurriedly confronted him with the promise to treat him as a friend from now on. 

Watch the moment in the video above!

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Source: [Youtube] BeryVery

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