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SEVENTEEN`s Mingyu Personally Gave Fans Chocolate Snacks to Celebrate Pepero Day

SEVENTEEN`s Mingyu Personally Gave Fans Chocolate Snacks to Celebrate Pepero Day


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Mingyu got something special gift for fans, for the 'Pepero Day.'

On November 11th, Mingyu came as the MC of music program 'Inkigayo.' As usual, fans also came to the venue to greet their idol and show support for him. However, there's something special happened on the day: Mingyu personally prepared gifts for fans. Yes, the idol had prepared small gifts for his fans to celebrate the 'Pepero Day.'

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'Pepero Day' is held annually on November 11th, and is an observance in South Korea similar to Valentine's Day. It involves the gifting or exchange of 'Pepero' snacks, a line of chocolate-dipped cookie sticks, with the intention of displaying affection for friends and loved ones. It is held on this day due to the resemblance of 'Pepero' sticks, which are vertical that mirror the shortened date of 11/11.

Image Source: Facebook '아이돌 이슈'

Along with the chocolate snacks, Mingyu wrote messages on the sticky notes, special for his beloved ones. He wrote, "It's cold outside, be careful not to catch a cold," "Thank you for coming today, I think you must be tired but have some fun!," "Inkigayo! How about eating pork after it finishes?," "Be careful not to catch a cold and don't be sick! Eat well!," and more. 

Image Source: Facebook '아이돌 이슈'

It seems like Mingyu is really considerate about his fans, isn't he?

Source: [Youtube] ODS

Thumbnail Credit: Facebook '아이돌 이슈,' 천사캐럿

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