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SF9 Prove Team Spirit with Similar Reactions



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SF9 members are one with their reactions!

The group was having a fan sign event when a fan revealed her palm with an almighty rubber cockroach that immediately freaked Rowoon out. Chani who was beside him was curious why he screamed and asked, "why? why? why why?" and Rowoon pointed towards Chani, asking the fan to show it to him too. Chani was a little shocked but didn't have quite the same huge reaction as Rowoon. Chani became fascinated with the rubber cockroach and put it near Dawon's face which frightened the member when he saw it.

Dawon definitely couldn't let his fellow member miss out on the fun and went to place the cockroach on Inseong's shoulder. Inseong was busy with his fan service when the fan pointed it out to him he also freaked out. Dawon launched another attack as he walked back to his seat and casually placed the cockroach on the table towards Zuho. Zuho flew off his chair. Despite being scared out of his seat, Zuho shouted out, "Cockroach... cockroach..." and when Dawon placed the cockroach quietly again on Zuho, he totally just went into defense mode behind Dawon.

You can watch the almighty cockroach in action in the video above!

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Source: [Youtube] misty dream

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