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SF9`s Dawon Revealed that He Holds a Grudge Against Rowoon



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Rowoon made an excuse and apologized to Dawon.  

During a radio broadcast of 'NCT's Night Night,' Dawon said that he has one thing that he has felt sad to Rowoon, "I used to workout with Inseong and Rowoon. So last time, I asked Rowoon to go to the gym. At that time he said, 'I'm so tired today, I'll just go home.' So I went to the gym by myself and saw them working out. I was flustered." Hearing him, Rowoon made an excuse, "I admit. It isn't because I didn't want to work out with him, at that time, I suddenly changed my mind. Sorry about that."

You can check out the video above to know more! 

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Source: [Youtube] anna oh


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