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SF9`s Hwiyoung Impresses Fans with His Ridiculously High Note He Can Reach



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Determined to hit that high!

The members from SF9 and CROSS GENE appeared together on an episode of 'Weekly Idol.' Both groups were separated out alternatively for a high note challenge using the same line about the show. SF9's Hwiyoung shut his eyes to focus and by pointing his finger to the sky, he managed to hit the high notes with all the effort he can make out. 

Image Source: [Youtube Screenshot] upchan17

However, this wasn't the end of the challenge. The next round soon came with Hwiyoung still surviving in the game, he finally channeled the hidden dolphin in him and gave the highest pitch he can pull out, shocking everyone else.. 

Image Source: [Youtube Screenshot] upchan17

You can watch the moment in the video above.

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Source: [Youtube] upchan17

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