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SF9`s Taeyang and Inseong Covers EXO`s [Sing For You] on a Recent Radio Broadcast



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SF9's Taeyang and Inseong covers EXO's 'Sing For You'!

The duo presented their rendition of EXO's special winter track 'Sing For You' during their Hongki's Kiss the Radio appearance on April 24th. They sang the song with their own vocal colors that definitely bring winter back in spring. 

However, as they were entering the second verse, Inseong nearly forgotten to sing his part after ending his last line the chorus before. Luckily, Taeyang quickly pointed at him when they met eyes so Inseong was able to made it on time for his line. The duo smoothly ended their cover with a harmony at the end. 

Watch Inseong and Taeyang's cover in the video above!

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Source: [Youtube] Meii Kongubol 

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