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SHINee Member Tried So Hard But Taemin Still Doesn`t Get It



It was only Key at first but the rest joined in to help but Taemin still doesn't get it. 

During SHINee's fan meeting in Japan, the members played charades in the game segment when Key has to act out the word 'Carrier' and Taemin has to guess it. Key started off with a dragging action but with all the answers Taemin spouted out, none of them was right.

Image Source: Youtube 'rani ra' Screenshot

Soon the time was up and Taemin still held a blur expression. The members didn't want to give up so Jonghyun went to the center stage for Key to use him as the carrier itself. 

Image Source: Youtube 'rani ra' Screenshot

Taemin was still clueless, Minho and Onew joined in and acted as if they were packing 'Jonghyun' carrier. 

Image Source: Youtube 'rani ra' Screenshot

With the hard work by his members, Taemin got the answered and laughed at the recollection of the demonstration done by his hyungs. 

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Source: [Youtube] rani ra

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