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SHINee`s Jonghyun`s Dancer from [Inspiration] Concert Revealed One Practice Video and It Blew Shawols Mind off



Just a serious practice video until we realized what Jonghyun was wearing.

A dancer that worked with SHINee's Jonghyun for his 'Inspiration' concert last December uploaded a practice video that was taken during the concert preparation. Practicing to the song 'Moon,' Jonghyun could be seen topless even during the practice as how he was during the actual stage.

With his caption going,"Has already been a year... Let's go #KimJonghyun #Concert #SHINee #9thDec #inspired @/jonghyun.948" the dancer confirms his participation in the upcoming 'Inspired' concert as well as the possibly of this song being performed again. 

Watch the fancam of Jonghyun's 'Moon' stage in the video above!

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Source: [Youtube] IDEALBOYkr  & [Instagram] jack0220

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