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SHINee`s Maknae Line Shares the Pros and Cons of Key`s Fashion



The fashionista in the group, Key. 

Coming to the topic on the worst and best dresser, Taemin shared, "In our team, because Key hyung has lots of interest in those(fashion), he would have those the items in trend nowadays and use it for himself."

Image Source: Youtube 'JTBCentertainment' Screenshot

Minho added, "He would also tell us a lot about it and there are also times where we would ask him first." 

Image Source: Youtube 'JTBCentertainment' Screenshot

However, Taemin pointed out a cons that he thinks regarding to Key's fashion. He said, "But sometimes when its too fancy, to be with him is kinda..."

Image Source: Youtube 'JTBCentertainment' Screenshot

Watch the moment at the 2:14 mark in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] JTBCentertainment

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