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SHINee`s Minho Praised by Indonesia Magazine [HighEnd] and Talks About His Singer and Actor Role



SHINee's Minho or actor Choi Minho, the man is acing in both. 

Minho had a quick 15 minutes exclusive photo shoot and did a short interview with HighEnd during his trip to Indonesia for the 'Indonesian Television Awards.' 

The magazine praised the member for being, 'Humble and warm' as he 'greeted everyone in the photostudio with a big smile on his face, while slightly bending his back to his lead, signaling Asia's polite gesture.' 

Image Source: highend 

Being known for his undeniable charm on stage as a singer as well as on screen as an actor, he was asked, 

"Considering your experiences and achievements both as a singer and an actor, what do you personally feel about both careers?" 

Minho replied, "What I love about being a singer is being able to be on stage with the fans. As for an actor, I really enjoy taking the role in each project."

Image Source: highend 

His love for both roles have been sufficiently explained through the success of his works. Watch Minho's solo stage at SHINee's Tokyo dome concert in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] SHINeeGirl

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