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SHINee`s Minho Read Script for His Upcoming Drama, Ended up Being Too Emotional and Burst out Crying



The script reading of drama 'The Most Beautiful Goodbye in the World' is full of tears.

Prior to its premiere, tvN has released the first script reading of its upcoming weekend drama, 'The Most Beautiful Goodbye in the World.' In the shared video, all the cast come together and read the first episode's script. Basically, it is nothing different than usual script reading, unless the fact that almost everyone coming burst into tears while the actors and the actress read the script. Needless to say, the remake drama is a sad drama which can easily make you emotional. Along with SHINee's Minho, Choi Jiwoo and the other cast were also spotted wiping their tears. 

Image Source: Youtube 'tvN DRAMA' Screenshot

'The Most Beautiful Goodbye in the World' tells the heartbreaking story of a woman who sacrificed her lifetime making money for the welfare of her family but had to face a sudden severe cancer diagnosis. Her family begins to realize how important she is to their family, but it has been too late. She cannot be cured and the family can do nothing but to provide comfort and let her die peacefully.

Veteran actresses Won Mikyung and Kim Youngok were cast as the mother and the mother-in-law. Choi Jiwoo and Choi Minho will be joining the lineup as Won Mikyung's daughter and son. The first episode of the drama will be aired on December 9th.

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Source: [Youtube] tvN DRAMA

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