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SHINee`s Minho`s Father Personally Explained How Minho Got Casted

SHINee`s Minho`s Father Personally Explained How Minho Got Casted


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It was 'NO's from Minho's parents.

In a past interview that took place in 2016, soccer coach Choi Yungyeom was asked regarding his hallyu idol, SHINee's Minho's casting process. 

Coach Choi went, 

"We came to Yongpyong ski resort when he was in elementary 6th grade and got street-casted there. We also got their contact number then. I was like, 'cannot.' I didn't even got him to do soccer and the path of a celebrity is even tougher too. So, I decided that he can't do it and therefore I told him no. I didn't even contact them. But I think the company side went to his school to look for him and secretly convinced Minho. He came back and forth from the company secretly too. Our wife said no too. But later, 'There's no parents in the world that will be able to win against their child.' In the end, he himself said he would like to challenge it for once. He was being casted at a really young age then and when I saw it, I decided that he didn't have what it takes to be a talent or a singer then."

The MC added, "With your son so famous, it would be 'Choi Minho's father Choi Yungyeom' instead of 'Coach Choi Yungyeom's son' from now on." Minho's father responded saying, "It has been changed long time ago." 

Watch the moment starting from 25:10 mark in the video above! 

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