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Seohyun Leaves a Long Message for SONEs for the First Time after Leaving SM Entertainment

Seohyun Leaves a Long Message for SONEs for the First Time after Leaving SM Entertainment


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Seohyun greets SONEs that has been waiting patiently with a heartwarming letter.

Seohyun took her Instagram and posted a letter to her fans after ending her contract with SM Entertainment.  

"To all the fans that has been always looking over us in the same place for a long time...

Hi. This is Girls' Generation's Seohyun. I am really sorry towards fans who was confused and worried due to the sudden news that was released without any notice.... I am worried that I may create a mistake by expressing my feelings hastily emotionally but at the end of many considerations, I decided to upload this words.

Not long ago, I put a period to my fate with SM, the family that I have been with for 10 years. I have made this tough decision after much consideration. I am really thankful towards Teacher Lee Sooman who made a new life for me as Girls' Generation's Seohyun from a common 12 years old girl... Also to be meeting the unnies that are really precious in my life as well as the reliable fan, all of you SONEs, as we went through a period of 10 years with every crying moment every laughing moment that passes by like a revolving lantern...

Holding onto my dream to be a singer, from the intense competition trainee days till the moment when I debut and became one as Girls' Generation that felt like fate. From a girl in her 10s to the late 20s I am in now, those days that had shined brightly and with much happiness, we took each others' side and make it through those tough and difficult times and grew. All those days that I dash across without resting are beautiful times that are precious and that I would never forget about it forever... Also, we have came to respect and understand each other through many discussions that the direction of what we each desire to pursue for our future and our life is different now after 10 years. Even if we are together in a little different form and way as how we were, there will be no changes in the trust that we will support and be together with each other. 

After long considerations, my conclusion is to stand alone. I think that I need new challenges in my life and I had to choose in order to take on challenges. I am going to start a new challenge as a singer, as an actress as well as human being Seo Joohyun from now on. However, in the future too, if there's a place that needs me as Girls' Generation, I will do my best to be with my unnies anytime. Also, I will support and be with Girls' Generation forever..

Even though there's a sense of uneasiness to leave my nest and to start everything new, I will live responsibly with the direction that I have made after much considerations.

Thank you and thank you again to those fans that trusted me and most of all, giving me warm and huge love.. I will show you the side of me that is living my best as an artist, an actress as well as the human being Seo Joohyun that you guys can be proud of and feel reliable by your side always!!"

She will always be beloved Girls' Generation's maknae.

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Source: [Youtube] GGu3net & [Instagram] seojuhyun_s

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