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Seohyun and Yuri Did Their Usual Girls` Generation Greeting at a Recent Event After the Group`s Contract Adjustment



Seohyun and Yuri were spotted at the recent 'Pantene' event. 

Following Seohyun's leave from the company and Yuri's continuation with the company, this event is the first where they both attended together as the rightful spokesperson for 'Pantene.' Fans are overjoyed to see the members still staying close throughout their interaction throughout the event. This two close sisters greeted with their usual 'Hi, this is Girls Generation's Yuri and Seohyun.'

Both later shared pictures from the event onto their Instagram with Seohyun's caption included a particular hashtag, "YulHyun(Yuri and Seohyun)", which definitely eased many fans' hearts. 

Watch the event  in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] SEOTATO & [Instagram] seojuhyun_s 

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