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Sidus HQ Updates Fans about Kim Woobin`s Health Status Through an Official Announcement



Kim Woobin's agency has broken the silence, making an official statement regarding the actor's health. 

On May 24th, Sidus HQ announced, "Kim Woobin recently noticed something was wrong with his body while in the midst of his packed schedule. When he went to the hospital to see what it was, he received a diagnosis for nasopharyngeal cancer."

The representative of the agency added, "Thankfully, they said it's not too late to receive treatment, so he has started radiation therapy and is taking medication. He will be focusing on treatment so that he can return with a healthier image. We are currently in discussions about changes in his schedule due to his treatment. We ask for your support for Kim Woobin."

Get well soon, Woobin!

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Source: [Youtube] my skuukzky

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