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Song Joongki Once Again Expressed His Joy to Get Married to Song Hyekyo Soon



Song Joongki has once again showed off his sweet side to public. 

Recently, the actor has been the cover of fashion magazine 'Marie Claire.' Not only that he did a photo shoot with the magazine, but he also did an interview for the issue. Needless to say, in the interview, he talked about the highly anticipated topic from fans: his marriage with Song Hyekyo. 

It turned out that it's not only fans who are excited for the marriage, but also for him. The actor confessed that he is so happy to be married with Song Hyekyo. He enthusiastically said to the magazine, "I am so happy because she (Song Hyekyo) is with me now." He continued, "I am currently in the middle of my happiest moments in my life."

Meanwhile, Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo will get married this October 31st.

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Source: [Youtube] YTN NEWS

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