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Song Joongki Shared His Sincere Thoughts on [Battleship Island] + Talked about Next Project



Song Joongki opened up about his latest film, 'Battleship Island.'

The actor has recently chosen as the main cover of fashion magazine 'Marie Claire BIFF Special.' He shared more about his film for the magazine. 

Image Source: marie claire

For the magazine, Song Joongki explained, "People criticize about the work, but I objectively think that I need to introspect on myself first." He continued, "Only if I could do better, I think I can deliver the message clearer. I am a little bit disappointed." The actor also said, "I share a lot with my seniors for 'Battleship Island.'"

Image Source: marie claire

When asked about what kind of filmography he would like to do in future, he answered, "I would like to keep collecting project that I would not regret in future, if there was a chance, I would like to try something new."

Image Source: marie claire

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Source: [Youtube] Lee Min Sung 

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