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Song Joongki`s Complete Vow to Song Hyekyo on Their Wedding Ceremony will Bring You to Tears



This was what Song Joongki vowed to Song Hyekyo at their wedding ceremony.

Wedding vow is a mandatory thing when two become one. At many times, wedding vow makes people emotional, as it contains loving and heart-warming words; a promise to the couple. Song Joongki's vows to Song Hyekyo, too, successfully soften everyone's heart. The full vow reads as follows. 

"I vow to take Song Hyekyo as my wife.

We have come to walk the same path that people worldwide have walked before us.

At times it'll rain, winds will blow and we may trip over obstacles.

But over time, we will bravely get up again by holding each others hand.

We'll playfully smile at each other and say that it's not a big deal.

We'll learn to continue walking even more firmly and bravely.

For my treasured wife."

Image Source: 6.com

It was reported that the vows made Song Hyekyo in tears, as well as everyone present for the wedding -- we also have reported before that Park Bogum was spotted wiping his tears at the power couple's wedding ceremony.

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Source: [Youtube] MoreForms Media 魔方全媒


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