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Song Joongki`s Photos Playing with Baby Surfaced, Fans Said He would Be a Great Father



Nope. You cannot ask for something more adorable than photos of Song Joongki taking care this baby boy. 

Recently, photos of the actor playing around with a baby boy have spread on the Internet. He was in a restaurant with the baby, and fans claim that the baby boy is the son of Joongki's friend. From the photos, anyone can tell that the baby boy seems all comfortable with Joongki. There was no Song Hyekyo in the photos -- only the boy, the actor, and one of his friends. 

Image Source: Instiz

To the photos, a lot of fans have showered him comments saying that he will surely become a great father in future. Several comments found on the Internet read, "Joongki has been prepared to become a father", "The baby boy is so lucky and he seems so happy", "Joongki and Hyekyo will surely become great parents. 

Source: [Youtube] YTN NEWS

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