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Starship Entertainment Released Statements about Wonho`s Absence at MONSTA X`s Comeback Show

Starship Entertainment Released Statements about Wonho`s Absence at MONSTA X`s Comeback Show


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Wonho is not going to participate in MONSTA X's comeback showcase later. 

On November 7th, MONSTA X is scheduled to make their comeback with their 5th mini album, 'The Code,' as well as to appear on a comeback show-con. Unfortunately, Wonho will not be performing on stage. Starship Entertainment has released official statements regarding to this. It reads,

"Hello. This is Starship Entertainment.

We are notifying you that member Wonho will not be attending the show ahead of MONSTA X The 5th mini album 'The Code's 'Comeback Show-Con', which is scheduled for November 7th at 8PM KST. 

Wonho has been resting since last Sunday after experiencing symptoms of a cold and receiving diagnosis at a hospital, but not seeing his symptoms lessen, he re-visited the hospital yesterday and received a CT, an MRI, etc, after which the doctor observed that he may be showing symptoms of meningitis; as of now, he is undergoing a more precise examination. 

We haven't received a more specific diagnosis, but we have decided that Wonho should not participate in the media showcase and the comeback show-con, for the well-being of the artist and for his speedy recovery. We will deliver an update on Wonho's diagnosis as soon as his examination results come out. 

We apologize once again to the fans who waited for MONSTA X's comeback and the comeback show-con for the 5th mini album 'The Code'. The MONSTA X members and Wonho also feel apologetic and regretful about delivering such sudden news, since it is MONSTA X's first domestic comeback in a while after wrapping up their first world tour 'Beautiful'. 

We ask for even more of your attention and love for MONSTA X, who worked harder than ever ahead of the release of the 5th mini album 'The Code'. We will do our best to show you the best image. Thank you." 

Let's wish Wonho a quick recovery!

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Source: [Youtube] TongTongTv 통통영상  

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