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Super Junior Walks Down the Memory Lane with Their Albums



Super Junior members shared their thoughts on their past albums. 

Leeteuk shared that 'Devil' was voted by ELFs as their most favorite album by far. They laid out their albums from the very first one they had, coming out to have a total of 16 of them excluding unit albums. As they were laying out the albums, Heechul spotted the back cover that has their former member, Kibum on it and excitedly went, "It's Kibum! It's Kibum! Our Kibum!"

Image Source: V LIVE 'SJ Returns' Screenshot

Leeteuk shared about their 1st album, 'Twins,' that, "When we came out with 'Twins,' there wasn't any reactions so if 'Miracle' failed too, it would have the end of us."

Coming to their 3rd album, 'Sorry Sorry,' which made them rose to the top, Eunhyuk said, "This was the last album when we were at the most number of people, with 13 of us."

Image Source: V LIVE 'SJ Returns' Screenshot

Watch the video above to know more! 

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Source: [V LIVE] SJ Returns

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