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Super Junior`s Eunhyuk Revealed the Reason He Addresses ELFs as `Grandmothers`



ELFs were curious of the reason behind Eunhyuk's calling and the answer was finally revealed.

Eunhyuk has a habit to address ELFs as 'grandmothers' instead of cute or sweet callings like 'baby' or 'my loves' that other idols usually do. At a recent fan sign, an ELF asked Eunhyuk this directly and this was how the conversation when.

Eunhyuk: "(ELF's name)..."

ELF: "Yes!"

Eunhyuk: "How old is (ELF's name)?"

ELF: "Twenty-ish!"

Eunhyuk: "Twenty-ish? But you look younger thought?"

ELF: "Oppa, why do you always call ELFs as grandmothers?"

Eunhyuk: "When did I?"

ELF: "Always on Instagram!"

Eunhyuk: "When did it? Then what should I call? Conscientiously! Would you like it if I call you 'baby'?"

ELF: "Yes!"

Eunhyuk: "Oh our baby...! (ELF name) baby...Shall I call you baby from now on?"

ELF: "Yes(awkward)!"

Eunhyuk: "You see! Wouldn't it be better off with 'grandmothers' since you feel awkward yourself?"

Source: Twitter 'lynchae'

That makes sense thought. Meanwhile check out their recent comeback stage with 'Black Suit' in the video above!

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Source: [Youtube] SMTOWN


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