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Super Junior`s Leeteuk Said He Feels the Most Apologetic Toward Kyuhyun Among the Members



Leeteuk opened up his heart to their maknae. 

The leader took his time to read the letter he wishes to deliver during their 'Super Show 7' concert. Leeteuk took this opportunity to express his most apologetic heart towards Kyuhyun on the last day of their concert. 

Kyuhyun joined the group around a year after the group has debuted, in 2006. With the overwhelming amount of members, an additional member was not taken in with much positivity. Despite that, Kyuhyun remained on and tried hard for the group as a member.  Leeteuk expressed his gratitude towards Kyuhyun for not giving up till end. 

Watch the full letter in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] MonkeyD

Thumbnail Credit: hirokyuj


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