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Super Junior`s Siwon Shared His Feelings to Be Standing on Stage with His Members Once Again



Siwon reunited with his members on 'Super Show 7' concert stage. 

Siwon wasn't able to participate in Super Junior's activities during their 'Black Suit' promotion but his members as well as ELFs who have waited long were able to have him back at their concert. 

Nearing the end of their first day concert, Siwon took some time to share his thoughts. He went,

"I have thought about it a lot up till the moment I stood on stage. Our members have also guided me through this difficult decision and supported me. That's why, I am very sorry and taking this chance, (turns towards his members) thank you (as he bows)."

Image Source: Youtube 'Anisa 사랑 kpop' Screenshot

He continued,

"More than anything, I would like to thank our fans that accepted me, supported me and made it possible for me to stand here. I am sorry to have made you guys worried and I will be the Choi Siwon that will work my best in the future." 

All that matters that he is safe and back! 

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Source: [Youtube] Anisa 사랑 kpop

Thumbnail Credit: skydive


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