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Suzy Talks about Her Struggles She Had in [While You were Asleep]



Suzy talked more about her role in ongoing SBS drama 'While You were Asleep.' 

Recently, the singer/actress did a pictorial and interview with fashion magazine High Cut, Suzy revealed how she has worked so hard for her character's career as a reporter in 'While You were Asleep.' 

Image Source: HIGH CUT

She started, "When I was first just practicing on my own, I thought that I was doing pretty well. However, I realized that it was completely different than what I had thought and I received help from an actual reporter." She continued, "Because I have done a lot of MC jobs and narration, my tone has a severe tendency to change a lot. I also focused on practicing words that appear a lot in the drama." 

Image Source: HIGH CUT

Suzy also talked about her OST for the drama. "I felt pressured to completely separate acting and singing in the past. When I was acting, I would only focus on acting, and when I was promoting as a singer, I tried to make people forget that I also acted," she said.

Image Source: HIGH CUT

Meanwhile, you can watch the teaser of 'While You were Asleep's upcoming episode.  

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Source: [Youtube] SBSNOW

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