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Suzy Thanked [While You were Asleep] Viewers Through a Meaningful Post on Her Instagram



Suzy expressed her afterthoughts upon the drama's completion through her Instagram.

'While You were Sleeping' has recently ended with its last broadcast and not only were the viewers not ready to let go of the drama yet, but the female lead herself too. Along with the series of pictures she shared taken at the drama filming site so captioned, 

"I was happy throughout the time living as Hongjoo.

This one year where I started off as Hongjoo and ending it as Hongjoo,

as much as our time together was long

I don't think I will be able to forget this

Our director, writer, staffs and actors 

Thank you for being with me and it has been my honor.

To those who loved #WhileYouwereSleeping till the end

Thank you. 

This has been Sbc News Nam Hongjoo. (In reporter voice tone)" 

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Source: [Youtube] anonlikes & [Instagram] skuukzky

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