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TWICE Made You [Likey] Them Even More with a Full Music Video



TWICE has finally made their return with 'Likey'!

'Likey' is the title track of the girls' new album, 'Twicetagram.' Just like what fans have heard from the teasers, 'Likey' is a fun dance track with bouncy melody, something that TWICE has mastered on. Along with the title track, their album consists of the other 12 tracks, including 'Turtle,' 'Missing U,' 'Wow,' 'FFW,' 'Ding Dong,' '24/7,' Look Look at Me,' 'Rollin,' 'Love Line,' 'Fighting!,' 'You are Mine,' as well as 'Sleep Well Good Night.' How do you like it, ONCEs?

Check out the newly released music video above!

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Source: [Youtube] jypentertainment

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