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Taeyeon and Kim Heechul Show off Another Picture of Their Long Lasting Friendship



It's actually a short video, where Kim Heechul and Taeyeon look so cute in a cute filter.

Image Source: Chosun Sports 

Kim Heechul then commented, "I am a huge fan of Taeyeon and love all her songs, but the ones I have extra love for are 'Rain' and 'Do You Hear Me.' If you haven't already, go listen to these songs before tonight's show!" Also a cute thing is that he called him and Taeyeon a moody couple because, a few years ago, they confessed that they always ride a mood roller coaster where they have very severe changes of mood/feelings.

Check out the preview video of 'Ask Us Anything' with SNSD as the cast!

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Source: [Youtube] JTBC Entertainment 

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