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Things You Need to Know about Girls` Generation Taeyeon`s Negligent Car Accident



Taeyeon's shocking car accident has put everyone into a shock and these are the things you need to know about the case. 

The idol was involved in a 3-car crash on November 28th at around 8 P.M KST in Gangnam. Taeyeon's Mercedes-Benz rear-ended a taxi, and due to the initial collision, the taxi hit an Audi vehicle in front of him. Following the crash, Taeyeon was suffering a chest pain. The Audi driver and two taxi passengers were transported to the hospital as well.

To make everything clear SM Entertainment has made an official statement and confirmed that Taeyeon was at fault for the accident. The agency announced, "Taeyeon was in a traffic accident due to her careless driving. She feels sorry to the drivers and passengers of the taxi and will do her best to deal with the accident situation. After taking measures for the traffic accident, Taeyeon is going back home and she is in stable condition. We apologize for causing worry."

Image Source: Instagram

Meanwhile, this unfortunate car accident has made into headlines in various media outlet. You can check out one of them in the video above.

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Source: [Youtube] YTN NEWS

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