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This Book Author is Heavily Suspected to Be an EXOL and More Specifically, a Chanyeol Bias



Its pretty obvious from its content. 

A fan spotted an English language learning assessment book for Koreans with EXO members' name in it. In just these few pages, Chanyeol's name could be seen appearing for a few times while Kyungsoo's name could be spotted on one example too.

Image Source: 'marry_bh_506'

In fact, its hard to say that this was unintentionally as the name 'Chanyeol' and 'Kyungsoo' aren't common names to be used in books. On top of that, the statement that goes, 'Lulu gave me an EXO concert ticket' could not go wrong.

These few examples are definitely leaving the deepest impression for the learner.

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Source: [Youtube] cb soup

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