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This Fan Account of Park Bogum by a MONSTA X Fan Showed How a Sweet Guy He is



MONBEBEs came across Park Bogum at the airport.

Park Bogum and MONSTA X were attendees at the [2017 MAMA in Japan] that was being held on November 29th. MONBEBEs who came across Park Bogum at the airport shared the following fan account.

Image Source: Twitter 'onlyshownu0618' Screenshot

She shared,

"Park Bogum was at the airport. He was so handsome. We were looking from the side when he suddenly came and asked us whose fans are we. We said we are MONSTA X's fans and he smiled brightly as he said, "Their songs are good though?" (cries) We are so flustered and said 'true' when he went, "Was it 'Dramarama'?" To the extend knowing the song title (cries) He came to speak to fans first and was so kind (cries)"\

Just a simple gesture like this is enough to prove his humble personality.

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Source: [Youtube] whitestar616

Thumbnail credit: ROMANTICO, THEONE

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