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This Guy Dreamed about Dating with Red Velvet`s Irene, He Then Won Lottery Jackpot



A jackpot winner revealed that he dreamed about Red Velvet's Irene before hitting a jackpot. 

Reported by Nanoom Lotto on October 19, the recent winner of the lottery revealed that he frequently purchased lottery tickets online. However, this time, he finally hit the jackpot. The winner said in an interview, "I had a dream where I was on a date with Irene. It was so real. I immediately purchased lottery tickets after that dream." He believes that the dream is related with the winning. The winner will received KRW 5,000,000 (approximately USD 4,400) per month for the next 20 years. 

It seems like Irene brings the man an abundant amount of luck, huh?

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Source: [Youtube] SMTOWN  

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