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This is Why JYJ`s Jaejoong will Definitely Be a Loving Father in Future



No one need to doubt that JYJ's Jaejoong will be a great dad in future. 

Behind the idol's strong image on the stage, it turned out that Jaejoong is a warm-hearted and kind man in front of kids. At many times, Jaejoong has been spotted to babysit kids comfortably with his smiles all over his face.

Image Source: Youtube 'Wonka BornfreeoneKiss' Screenshot

Image Source: NAVER Blog '젤러리'

As you can see in the video above, Jaejoong was with his nephew. He carried him in his arms, and when he was asked to give him a kiss, the boy was undoubtedly give him a smooch on the cheek. How cute is that? You can watch the video above to know more.

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Source: [Youtube] Wonka BornfreeoneKiss 

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