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This is Why WINNER`s Mino`s Sense of Humor is Always `Unique`

This is Why WINNER`s Mino`s Sense of Humor is Always `Unique`


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He has his trustworthy members to rely on. 

Seunghoon suggested for them to do something to end the broadcast cleanly when Mino suggested to with a 3-line poem with the word 'white.' Despite Seunghoon having to be explaining the reason to his disagreement, Mino went on with it. 

Mino: "Wh-! Hwaiting!"

Image Source: Youtube '박롤롤' Screenshot

Seunghoon who couldn't stop him, just went along with it and shouted the next letter for him too. 

Seunghoon: "I-!"

Mino: "Like this, hwaiting!"

Image Source: Youtube '박롤롤' Screenshot

Seungyoon: "Te-!"

Mino: "Thm." 

Image Source: Youtube '박롤롤' Screenshot

Mino immediately left embarrassed due to the fail attempt. With that, he requested for a reaction by hitting and pushing their leader's tight, which Seungyoon granted him with the most hyper laugh he can make out. 

Image Source: Youtube '박롤롤' Screenshot

With a member to give him the reaction he wanted anytime, Mino can just carry out with his sense of humor with no problem at all. Watch the moment in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] 박롤롤

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