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This was How Red Velvet`s Irene Took a Hand-Free Selfie without a Timer at a Past Radio Show



Irene took a selfie without a timer and hands-free.

Red Velvet guested on 'NCT's Night Night' radio show during their 'Peek-a-Boo' promotion on November 22nd. The girls were having their song played through the radio when they were asked to take selfies for the show's Instagram. 

Irene had the phone on the table, stood up, leaning against a support. She found her desire angle and had both hands placed against her face for her pose. With a few taps on Wendy's shoulder, the latter immediately went towards the camera button and helped the leader with her selfie.

Image Source: Youtube 'ReVelUp Subs' Screenshot

She got a good helper, that is. Watch the moment at the 17:49 mark in the video above!

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Source: [Youtube] ReVelUp Subs


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