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WINNER Chose the Member Who Takes Pictures with `Feels` and Showered Him with Much Praises



They didn't even need to think for more than a second. 

WINNER members, excluding Jinwoo appeared on radio show when they were being asked, "Which is the member that takes pictures with 'feels'?" They looked at each other and further discussion needed they said, "He, who is not here right now. Jinwoo hyung. Wow, (it obvious) that the subject(of the picture) is important. It's really not a joke."

Seungyoon explained, "We would usually take it with an angle and all but he would just take it naturally." Mino added, "Even when he was not ready, we will still go 'wow' when we see the picture." 

Image Source: Youtube 'ᄋᄂᄉᄀ' Screenshot 

Seunghoon also added his by saying, "When we just take it relaxing, it kinda gives off a strengthless feeling but when Jinwoo hyung takes it by staying still, he would give off a narcissism feel."

Image Source: Youtube 'ᄋᄂᄉᄀ' Screenshot 

Watch the moment in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] ᄋᄂᄉᄀ

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