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WINNER Jinwoo`s Instagram Got Hacked, the Hacker Used It to Flirt Guys



WINNER Kim Jinwoo's Instagram account has been hacked and it is no good for him. 

On October 25th, Kim Jinwoo was found leaving comments on someone's live broadcast. On the live broadcast, the girl say, "WINNER's Kim Jinwoo is coming to my broadcast. Thank you." The hacked profile then left comments, "Please do the live broadcast well and have a great day." Until this point, some of fans have thought that Jinwoo's account had been hacked," and the following comment ensure them that the account was completely hacked. 

Image Source: Dispatch

The hacked profile wrote, "Your boyfriend is handsome." The capture of Jinwoo's hacked comments is currently being a hot topic on online communities. A lot of fans hope that the problem could be solved and Jinwoo could retrieve his account soon. 

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Source: [Youtube] Mera

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