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WINNER Members are Adapting Themselves TOO Well in `Prison`

WINNER Members are Adapting Themselves TOO Well in `Prison`


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WINNER adapting to the prison life a little too well.

On WINNER's special edition of variety show, 'Youth Over Flowers,' the boys caught many attention with their departure right from the airport with their prisoner outfit where they were 'kidnapped.' 

Landed in the beautiful country of Australia, they checked themselves in a prison concept hotel for their trip. They did their laundry by putting 4 heads together to figure out how to get the washing machine to work.

Image Source: Youtube 'Broad cast' Screenshot

Mino, who decided to get into character asked Seunghoon, "Why did you come here?" which got a reply of the same waveform saying, "(Because I)Steal the bread." Along with the other guests that was around, they went 4 on 4 in a game of volleyball that was literally filled with body gags and failed tosses. 

Watch their interesting experience in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] Broad cast

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